How long is an a&p license good for?

Would you work with an A&P for 6 months. Your military aviation work will keep you up to date.

How long is an a&p license good for?

Would you work with an A&P for 6 months. Your military aviation work will keep you up to date. The aviation mechanic certificate has two qualifications: Airframe (A) and Powerplant (P). If you choose to apply for both qualifications, this is commonly referred to as Certificate A&P.

Practical experience should provide the applicant with basic knowledge and skills with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools and equipment used in the construction, alteration, maintenance and inspection of aircraft. An applicant is not expected to be highly competent in overhauls, major repairs or major alterations in the minimum experience of 18 months. Power plant tests will include questions and projects on propellers that must be successfully completed regardless of the applicant's experience. When evaluating documented practical experience of part-time aviation mechanic, an equivalent of 18 months (or 30 months) based on a standard 40-hour workweek is accepted.

Months don't have to be consecutive. A standard workweek has 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, which equates to a total of 40 hours a week and approximately 160 hours per month. A detailed original statement from a foreign airworthiness authority in the country where the experience was acquired. A detailed statement from an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adviser who will validate the applicant's experience.

If the foreign civil authority refuses to provide this information, the inspector shall take appropriate steps to determine that the experience is valid. Applicants who have not graduated from an FAA-approved AMTS or JSAMTCC a&p certification program must submit documents from an employer, co-worker, or other satisfactory sources to the Administrator to establish the required record of time and experience. Applicants shall document a proportionate amount of experience directly applicable to the certificate and the qualifications requested. The applicant must have verifiable experience in 50 percent of the subject areas listed for the requested qualification (see 14 CFR Part 147, Appendices B, C and D) to be eligible.

The FAA inspector must evaluate the documents submitted to determine the eligibility of applicants for an examination authorization. There is no expiration date for this eligibility. A) A positive form of photo identification, such as a driver's license, passport, or military ID. B) A duly completed form DD-214, listing the total time in service and the MOS codes allocated to the applicant (for current MOS codes, see Figure 5-13.The JSAMTCC A&P certification program allows military applicants to receive authorization to take the airframe and powerplant (A&P) Proof of Knowledge upon submission of a Military Certificate of Eligibility (see Figure 5-13) and a Job Certification Performance form (see Figure 5-13).

As required by the JSAMTCC A&P certification program process, military technicians will receive an individual FAA Job Tasks Certification Performance for their service branch. Upon completion of the program and validating all signed tasks, the participant's service branch will issue an official Certificate of Eligibility along with a signed copy of the FAA Job Performance Certification. Sample copies of the FAA Work Task Certification and Performance and the Certificate of Eligibility are found in Figures 5-136 and 5-137, respectively. On the certificate, the stamp placed in the lower right corner is gold in color and bears an embossed stamp of the applicant's training organization.

Military experience should be directly applicable to the certificate and qualifications requested. Regarding FARs, your A&P does not “expire, but you would be considered “out of date” to use your license. An AMT program that is part of a university will allow you to graduate with an associate's degree in addition to your A&P license, which can help you find better job opportunities in the future. Of these two options, I would say that going the traditional route of the AMT school is probably a better idea because you will receive the right instruction and it will take less time to get your license.

This is not necessary to get a job as an A&P mechanic, but to get a job as an avionics technician, an avionics technician license may be a good idea. To qualify for the license, mechanics need 18 months of experience with airframes or power plants or 30 months of experience working on both at the same time. A&P stands for fuselage and power plant, which means that A&P mechanics are licensed to work and maintain the external parts (fuselage) and engine (power plant) of an aircraft. Once students pass the exams, they become licensed mechanics and can land a job in this valuable industry.

There is no guarantee that a company will hire a mechanic with no previous experience, and if they hire him, they will work on a low salary until they are licensed. Mechanics working on aircraft without a license but under the close supervision of a licensed mechanic may not need to go to school. Beyond an A&P license, an avionics technician license provides training to mechanics in specific avionics electronic equipment. We were all throwing poops in the workshop and it occurred to us that to keep his license, he must be working on civil planes and not have more than a year without him.

After attending the SUU Aviation program, you will not only have your license and certifications a&p, but you will also have an associate's degree. The FAA has strict regulations for obtaining your license in this way and requires you to be supervised by a licensed technician until you can obtain your own license. Once you have passed this exam and obtained your license, you will be able to get a job as a qualified mechanic from A&P. Tl; dr; You cannot keep your license up to date without working on airplanes or supervising other mechanics.

If you want to graduate with an A&P license and an associate's degree in less time than it takes to get a license at another school, SUU Aviation may be perfect for you. . .

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